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Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm PST
compound may have been occupied by traders from far-off monte alban, an indication of a complex economy here. bill sanders. one of the aspects of culture that is extraordinarily variable is the economy. economy means the ownership of property and the production and distribution of goods. there are cultures and economies in which every nuclear family is self-sufficient. and then there are economies where there is considerable interdependence among the various households. one of the measures of economic complexity is just the amount of what we call division of labor -- occupational specialization. keach: archaeologists have recently discovered evidence of occupational specialization in teotihuacan, like the manufacture of clay figurines. figurines came in a variety of styles, many painted and highly detailed. thousands of these sculpted faces have been discovered. they were probably used in ritual. many are exactly the same, indicating they were mass produced in molds. across the atlantic is fez, morocco, a city that has changed little in a thousand years. here can be found an analogy for
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
. the mass migration, controlling to the anemic growth of the country's economy and culture. the main difference was 100 years ago, there were no new restrictions. when people say, "my ancestors came legally," there was not any plan to cut in front of. 98% of the people that should have been held got in. >> you talk about the visa situation because the way the numericals work right now, those countries that normally supply a lot of immigrants are automatically hitting their visa limits quickly and everyone else in stepping illegal -- everyone else in something illegal. >> that is the elephant in the room. no one has really taken up this issue. the elephant is these visa system read no country can have more than 7% of the total. that 7%, the maximum for every country, is about 25,000. four countries every year max out. you can guess are. mexico, india, china, and the philippines. when people say, "it at the end of the line," that line could be 40-years long. to tell someone to get at the end of the line is really a cruel joke. >> talk about workers, the situation for workers and the st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2